Trailer Music: "The Bohemians Theme." Original score by Edy Lan.

In this scene Musetta singing one of the most famous arias in the history or Opera, “Quando men vo” from act 2. We want to show you this segment because of the way we used the theatricality in the scene to turn it into a great cinematic experience.

This segment is a rough cut and has not been audio mixed, edited or mastered

Since the beginning of the production process, our intention was to make a film using the score and lyrics of the opera but without the theatricality of a stage performance. Somehow it became apparent that we could use some theatrics to our advantage to tell the story of these young artists in a much more profound way. At the same time, we felt the need to pay respect to the extraordinary genre that is opera and to the original creators of this piece. The idea behind this film is to provide our audience with binoculars, so we can all be closer to the feelings, motives and tragedies of these characters.

Musetta's Waltz


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